Canon Rebel XSi

Canon Rebel XSi

Canon has positioned their new Rebel XSi at the “entry-level” end of their product line. But it’s getting increasingly difficult to divide digital cameras into “entry-level” and “mid-range” and “high-end.” In the early days, there was a single distinguishing feature that made it simple to tell what market a camera was aimed at: the image quality of an entry-level camera was markedly different from a high-end, “pro” level camera. Those days are now long gone, and ‚Äì just as with entry-level and pro-level film cameras ‚Äì you can now shoot high-end image quality with an entry-level camera. Canon’s Rebel XSi marks the high end of Canon’s low end, and the new model offers important changes over its predecessor, the Rebel XTi.

I’ve been a Canon shooter since the original EOS D30, and while I love my 5D, Canon’s smaller Rebels have never appealed to me, because they’ve never felt especially comfortable. But after a couple of months of shooting with the XSi, I’m now sold on the smaller, lighter design. Throw in the well-rounded feature set and excellent 12 megapixel image quality, and this is a camera that’s hard to beat. Is it right for you?

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