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Complete Digital Photography 9 has everything you need to know to create great photos: from how to master your camera, to learning about composition, lighting, image editing, workflow and output. Ben also includes a number of shooting exercises in front part of the book to help you get comfortable with photographic techniques, and there are extensive step-by-step tutorials designed to help you master image editing in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and other apps.

This book is readable in the free Books app on macOS and iOS devices, and can be read on Windows with any number of book readers. (There’s a good list of readers from Krzysztof Kowalczyk.)


1 review for Complete Digital Photography ebook (Apple/epub)

  1. Edward Luczak (verified owner)

    I came across a Ben Long video several months ago and loved his presentation and information. He covers everything in detail but he presents it in a very unique way that you can understand, relate to and remember. This book is like his video. As I read it I can hear him narrating the book in my mind. This is an excellent book for beginners through experienced photographers. There is something here for everyone and the topics covered are all vital to taking that next step to improving your photography or simply refining your technique. This is an excellent book and honestly the best one covering Digital Photography Completely.

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