The Practicing Photographer

In The Practicing Photographer, Ben Long’s message is clear: if you want to become a better photographer, you have to think about practice. Musicians, dancers, actors and other artists incorporate practice into their work, yet most photographers want to talk more about camera settings and gear than they do about their practice.

The short essays contained within this slim volume are designed to help you develop your own photography practice. It lacks a single photograph between its covers, and there is no mention of a camera company, a camera type, or any other type of gear. The goal of The Practicing Photographer is to help you think about practicing your photography in a more holistic way, from field to print, and in between. The result is quite different from the standard “how to” photography book, but one that can be as important to enriching your craft.


The Practicing Photographer is available as a 124-page printed book, and as an ebook in ePub, PDF and Kindle formats. The print (CDP store link) and ePub/PDF versions (CDP store link) will be available here from the CDP store. Amazon is selling both print and Kindle versions worldwide ( link).

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Want to check the book out before you buy? Read the first essay in the book, Why Practice? or check out the Table of Contents for a full list of the essays in the book.

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