Book Support – Complete Digital Photography, 9th Edition

Follow the links below to download companion files for Complete Digital Photography, 9th Edition.

If you don’t have the book, we have both print and ebook versions on sale in the CDP store.

Primary Support Materials

The supplemental exercise book can be downloaded from this link:

The Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop intro videos can be found on this page:
Complete Digital Photography 9: Photoshop/Lightroom intros

The Glossary is online as well.

The files below are ordered by the chapter in which they appear. They are available individually and as a compressed ZIP file by chapter. If you would like to download all of the tutorial images at one time, use this file:

NOTE: If you are having problems when trying to download any of the files listed below, try right-clicking on the link and choosing Download Linked File from the pop-up. That should save the file to your Downloads folder.

Chapter 2 – Getting to Know Your Camera

Choosing a Digital Camera (PDF)

Chapter 6 – Exposure Basics

Shutter Speed Movie

Chapter 9 – Finding and Composing a Photo

Chapter 9 Tutorial Files (zip)
Focal Length and Depth of Field (CDP post)
Camera Position (PDF)
Cropping Tutorial (PDF)

Chapter 12 – Special Shooting

Panoramas Made Simple ebook (PDF)
Infrared Photography (PDF)

Chapter 13 – Workflow

Lightroom Intro Tutorial (zip)

Chapter 14 – Editing Workflow and First Steps

Chapter14 Tutorial Files (zip)
Using DNG Converter with Lightroom 6 (and Elements) and new cameras (CDP post)

Chapter 15 – Correcting Tone

Chapter 15 Tutorial Files (zip)
Interactive Curves Tutorial

Chapter 16 – Correcting Color

Chapter 16 Tutorial Files (zip)

Chapter 17 – Selective Editing and Masks

Chapter 17 Tutorial Files (zip)
Note: The Fall Tree image is with the Chapter 16 images; Lake Tahoe is with the Chapter 14 images.

Chapter 18 – Photoshop Adjustment Layers

Chapter 18 Tutorial Files (zip)

Chapter 19 – Black-and-White Conversion

black and white tree.tif

Chapter 20 – Layers, Retouching and Other Effects

Chapter 20 Tutorial Files (zip)

Chapter 21 – Output

Chapter 21 Tutorial Files (zip)
Selective Sharpening (PDF)
Inkjet Printer’s Buyer’s Guide (PDF)
Soft Proofing (PDF)


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  1. I am not seeing the PDF companion for chapter 19 converting to B&W as mentioned on the book.
    I would love to know if with the new layer masks in lightroom we can have done the b&W conversion right there in Lg without going to Ps.

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