Follow the links below to download companion files for Complete Digital Photography, 9th Edition. [Support pages for earlier editions: 8th edition; 7th edition.]

Primary Support Materials

The supplemental exercise book can be downloaded from this link:

The Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop intro videos can be found on this page:
Complete Digital Photography 9: Photoshop/Lightroom intros

The Glossary is online as well.

The files below are ordered by the chapter in which they appear. They are available individually and as a compressed ZIP file by chapter. If you would like to download all of the tutorial images at one time, use this file:

NOTE: If you are having problems when trying to download any of the files listed below, try right-clicking on the link and choosing Download Linked File from the pop-up. That should save the file to your Downloads folder.

Chapter 2 – Getting to Know Your Camera

Choosing a Digital Camera (PDF)

Chapter 6 – Exposure Basics

Shutter Speed Movie

Chapter 9 – Finding and Composing a Photo

Chapter 9 Tutorial Files (zip)
Focal Length and Depth of Field (CDP post)
Camera Position (PDF)
Cropping Tutorial (PDF)

Chapter 12 – Special Shooting

Panoramas Made Simple ebook (PDF)
Infrared Photography (PDF)

Chapter 13 – Workflow

Lightroom Intro Tutorial (zip)

Chapter 14 – Editing Workflow and First Steps

Chapter14 Tutorial Files (zip)
Using DNG Converter with Lightroom 6 (and Elements) and new cameras (CDP post)

Chapter 15 – Correcting Tone

Chapter 15 Tutorial Files (zip)
Interactive Curves Tutorial

Chapter 16 – Correcting Color

Chapter 16 Tutorial Files (zip)

Chapter 17 – Selective Editing and Masks

Chapter 17 Tutorial Files (zip)
Note: The Fall Tree image is with the Chapter 16 images; Lake Tahoe is with the Chapter 14 images.

Chapter 18 – Photoshop Adjustment Layers

Chapter 18 Tutorial Files (zip)

Chapter 19 – Black-and-White Conversion

black and white tree.tif

Chapter 20 – Layers, Retouching and Other Effects

Chapter 20 Tutorial Files (zip)

Chapter 21 – Output

Chapter 21 Tutorial Files (zip)
Selective Sharpening (PDF)
Inkjet Printer’s Buyer’s Guide (PDF)
Soft Proofing (PDF)