Bookmarks: Julieanne Kost’s Blog

There must be a million websites devoted to photography (Google says as much), ranging from gear coverage to portfolios, photo news, opinions, business, learning, and more. Given the nature of this (yet another) photo site, I have to pay attention to more than I probably should, but most of you probably have a few that you check from time to time. If you work within the Photoshop and Lightroom post-production world, I have one that you should add: Julieanne Kost’s blog over at Julieanne is an evangelist for Adobe, and her 2006 book, Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking, is a beautiful, thoughtful meditation on creativity, and one of the books I always have close to me for inspiration. It is unfortunately out of print, but you can still find used copies here and there, and, if you have an iPad (or Mac), you can purchase an ebook version for under $5. (She also recently published Passenger Seat, a tutorial-based book designed to help you develop your own photographic project.)

I’ve known Julieanne for years, and have sat in on a few small presentations and workshops she’s given; if you ever get a chance to be in a workshop with her, or hear her speak, jump on it. Barring that, her blog is the next best place to find her: it is always interesting and thought-provoking, with a constant stream of great Photoshop and Lightroom tips; inspirational photographic work; regular photo travelogues; and excellent commentary and discussions about creativity. In the last month alone, Julieanne has posted tutorials about selecting colors in Photoshop and changing default settings in Lightroom’s Develop module; linked to a beautiful photo gallery/story from a trip to Tasmania; and talked about the results of a self-assigned photo shoot on a free afternoon in Singapore.

And, even if you don’t follow Julieanne regularly, her blog is worth bookmarking for those times when you’re looking for a little bit of Photoshop or Lightroom help, or for a bit of inspiration during a creative lull. Just check the Additional Information box at the top right of the blog’s home page for links to tutorials, portfolios, events and more.

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