You wouldn’t think that there’s much you could do to change the design of a camera strap. Oh sure, you can build it out of better materials, and make the strap easier to attach or detach, and maybe make one strap that’s more fashionable than another. But actually creating a truly different strap, one that functions in a different, better way? That’s a tougher call, because a camera strap seems to be a fairly basic piece of gear. But, Luma Labs has proven that even something as seemingly simple as a camera strap can be given a radical new spin, and dramatically improved. For your consideration: the Luma Loop.

Conceived of by photographer James Duncan Davidson, the Luma Loop consists of a closed loop strap that you put over your head, and a small lanyard that you attach to your camera. The lanyard slides up and down the strap, making it simple to stow the camera at your waist, or pull it up to your eye, without ever taking the strap over your head.

The best way to understand the Luma Loop, is to see it in action:

If you carry a camera a lot, then you’ll definitely want to check out the LumaLoop. It’s a wonderful design, and very well-made. It only took a few hours for me to be thoroughly sold on the product.

Priced at $60, the LumaLoop, as well as more information, is available at the Luma Labs website