Foundations of Photography: Black and White

Your digital camera is capable of producing incredible color images, but color isn’t always the best way to represent a scene. By choosing to express a scene in black and white, you’re stripping photography down to its barest essentials, and very often, you will achieve an image with more power than if you choose to capture rich, perfect color. This course covers every aspect of digital black and white, recognizing a good black and white scene to shooting, to black and white conversion and further retouching.

If you’re new to photography, eliminating color may seem a counter-intuitive idea, but learning to see the world purely as light and shadow can open up a whole new realm of subject matter, and help you see the world around you in a very different way. If you’re an old hand at black and white film shooting, then the switch to digital will require some additional skills.

Whatever your skill level, Foundations of Photography: Black and White will get you seeing, shooting, and processing your images in dramatic new ways.

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