It doesn’t matter how technically perfect you are with your exposure, if you compose a boring shot, you’ll have a boring picture. If you find yourself shooting boring pictures, and would like to stop, you might consider checking out my Foundations of Photography: Composition course at

Eschewing simple rules, this course works you through a series of shooting exercises, with the goal of developing an eye and a feel for composition. There are no composition rules that are appropriate for every situation. Instead, you want to have a compositional toolbox that can be mixed, matched, and adapted to whatever subject matter you find. This course aims to give you such a toolbox.

To help simulate the interaction that you’d receive in a live Composition course, the course is built around a live workshop. You’ll see the feedback that other students receive, and hear some of their interpretations of the ideas presented.

Make your compositions better, check out Foundations of Photography: Composition.